David Terwilleger
Training Director


Tiffoney Foreaker
Office Manager

Executive Assistant - Open

First Year Instructors

Eric Pokorny
Dennis Jordan
Joseph Villareal
Joe Garcia
Gregg Schlaht

Second Year Instructors

Gabe Flores
Rebecca Young
Chas West

Third Year Instructors

Johnny (Cheese) Mortellaro
Rodney Carter
Adam Engle

Fourth Year Instructors

Darren Wernli
Matt Castleman

Fifth Year Instructors

Ross Yharte
Ronnie Hardi

Board Members

The Austin Electrical Training Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is made up of six (6) members: three (3) that represent the members of IBEW Local 520 and three (3) that represent the Austin Chapter of NECA.

  • Ben Brenneman - IBEW Trustee Committee Chairman
  • Ben Frank - NECA Trustee
  • Randy Eldridge - NECA Trustee
  • Alan Bryan - NECA Trustee Committee Secretary
  • Robert Villarreal - IBEW Labor Trustee
  • Rudy Wallace - IBEW Labor Trustee